Kirsten Hamlin


Tell us about yourself what you're currently working on.


My Asana Project, which is basically a documentation of my Physical Yoga Practice. I put a lot of work into it pretty much every day in April. From here on out I will probably add images to the collection on a monthly basis. I also enjoy photographing flowing water and have started picking up on that again since the weather has warmed.

Has your work shifted in response to the pandemic? How?

I wouldn’t say it shifted. It started coming out of me again! I was in a total creative rut before the pandemic!

In your opinion, what is the role that the creative process can play in helping us confront our "new" reality?


The creative process definitely helped me escape any new reality that I wasn’t ready to face. Interesting enough, I’m creating images (the creating itself keeping me sane) of a practice that keeps me sane. HA! 

Kirsten Hamlin is a photographer born and raised in Baltimore. See more of her work here

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