Landis Expandis


Tell us about yourself and what you're currently working on.


I am a painter. I came to Baltimore from New Haven to attend MICA. It was in school that I discovered the joy of making music, which I just considered another form of art like painting or sculpture. Make it textural make it colorful, create composition, etc. I’ve been making music and art in some form or the other in Baltimore for about 30 years. Right before the apocalypse hit I was working on a fashion show that included a hand painted clothing line that I called GLOW.

Has your work shifted in response to the pandemic? How?

After a period of shock and depression from losing absolutely everything that I was doing--DJing parties and weddings, playing live with my bands All Mighty Senators and F City, and having gallery art openings--I decided that this may just be the end times and perhaps it isn’t, but if I’m going out, it’s going to be while doing the things that I love. So now, I am making short upbeat videos loosely based on the times we live in today and also I am starting an interactive painting show on Facebook called Let’s Get Painting. I am asking for donations for this content to help me continue to eat and pay bills. 

How do you think we can best confront our "new" reality?

Like my wise son told me over the phone, “Many of our ancestors had to go through a crazy earth time. Why should we be so different? This one is ours.” He is very wise.

Landis has been mixing visual art with music all of his life, but focused on music as a career after postponing his art degree. After fronting All Mighty Senators for over 25 years, Landis still plays for them but has also formed the trio F City, and is a prolific area DJ. A majority of the promotional materials feature his distinct graphic design, which has become an integral part of his musical persona. See more of his work here and click below to participate in Let's Get Painting!

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