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Nancy Keene Fishel


"Time to experiment has expanded my process to create works that are developed more from process than prior planning."

Describe yourself as a maker/artist/creative 

I am a visual artist that lives and works in Owings Mills, Maryland and often, before Covid, Bethany Beach, Delaware. Much of my work is figurative, with a focus on the dynamism of human movement, passing of time, the energy of our ever-changing lives and interaction of people relating to one another. My works include a variety of media including oil paint, printmaking, digital art, drawing and sculpture.

What are you currently working on?


My current work is a reflection on the journey of the past year. I have been able to become more attuned to the cycles of the natural world through almost daily walks. The photographs from those journeys have been catalysts for work dealing with more meditative images. I have also worked since March on a series I call “Incognito” which are masked portraits that have been sent to me by friends, family and acquaintances. I continue to use ideas from my travels, but have overlaid ideas about the change in the way humans now exist in our new environment.

Has your work shifted in response to the pandemic? How?

Obviously, I have not been able to travel, or observe people in public, which were the source for much of my work. I have become more introspective, and experimental with my work. Some of my recent larger paintings include images taken from my walks. As I work more with digital imagery, I find that those ideas are a starting point for paintings using similar compositions. Time to experiment has expanded my process to create works that are developed more from process than prior planning. 


In your opinion, what role does the creative process play in helping us confront our “new” reality?

Creativity by its nature is about discovery, flexibility in thinking, learning and growth. As an artist that has the privilege to follow my personal interests, I have attempted to use time to grow both with process and image making. Being able to create allows me to reflect on my current way of observing and reacting to natural and human worlds. It is my hope that as we come out of our isolation, we will fully appreciate other people, friends, experiences and look at everything with more empathy and open minds

See more of Nancy's work here

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