Snackie Hillman


Tell us about yourself and what you're currently working on.


I'm an outdated relic from another time but I'm still producing music. I hope to one day move to a little bungalow by the Mediterranean Sea where I'll have a pet monkey and learn to play the accordion. I'm currently working on being a better person, whatever that means. I think it means to chill more. 

Has your work shifted in response to the pandemic? How?

My main line of work is teaching music. Since the pandemic, I've had to move to an online system of teaching utilizing the Zoom app.

What is the role that music can play in helping us confront our new reality?

Music can possibly help us to find our true inner selves or being. It's also great for moshing and headbanging. Now is the time to be compassionate and remember that, sometimes, it is more important to listen than to be heard.

Snackie Hillman is a musician and teacher. In 2010, he started The Music Lab in Baltimore, where the focus is bringing one's imagination to life through music. He offers instruction in guitar, ukulele and piano and his lessons are guided by the belief that ability to create something from nothing is perhaps our greatest gift. Learn more here. Snackie is also the creator of the Made in Isolation anthem, which we recommend you play over and over and over again! 

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