Daydreams Factory

Bonnie & John Lindner

Professional Makers

What are you working on?


Lately we’ve been collaborating a lot more than in the past. One of us turns over a finished form that becomes the other’s raw material, or canvas. It’s a good way to maintain humility and stay open to new directions.

Has your work shifted in response to the pandemic? How?

Most artists, makers, writers, tend to suffer or enjoy social distancing during creative periods. We enjoy it. So nothing about our approach or methods has changed as a result of the Big Bad Bug. If anything, our perspective has clarified: we love our work, we’re able to do it, so do it without regard for or, especially, fear of, what might come next.

What is the role that art can play in helping us confront our new reality?

We would say it’s not a “new” reality. It is reality asserting itself into an old illusion. Art always seeks to drag reality before our eyes to dispel our illusions. Whether we expose the world to profligate beauty, or grim facts, artists must see past the present panic or complacency. Artists are the reporters of ancient news: “The beasts are beautiful, baby. And they hunger to kill you.”


It is great comfort to be part of a vast army of mostly invisible, talented misfits. Art is the anti-viral, the antidote, the cure for foolish hearts. So wash your hands and get back to work. We bloody need you.

Bonnie and John Lindner are the visionaries behind Daydreams Factory. They make things they dream about while they should be doing something else. See more of their work here

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