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Made in Isolation

A repository for creative endeavors inspired during an unprecedented period of isolation.

Made in Isolation chronicles how practicing artists and people of varied backgrounds are responding to the coronavirus pandemic. Amid what has quickly become an uncertain existence, the creative process can form a bulwark against despair and a refuge for the soul. For those who cannot, will not, go quiet, questions arise: How do we confront this "new" reality with eloquence, honesty, even humor?  How do we find comfort without getting too comfortable? How do we proclaim truth in the midst of a terrifying but oddly liberating emergency?  The "makers" herein answer those questions very differently, as individuals will. They act in community, as best they can, as people do.

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Megaverse Bracelet (wormhole) by Gina Alexandra Denton.

Photo by Erica Bello, courtesy of Baltimore Jewelry Center and the artist.



In October 2020, Made in Isolation was selected to be preserved in the Library of Congress permanent web archive as an example of visual arts created during the pandemic and isolation. 

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