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Lucy Howard


"Making music lightens the sadness that surrounds us all."

Describe yourself as a maker/artist/creative 

I'm a self-employed watershed wise landscaper and ESL instructor's aide at Harford Community College. After work, I play and compose music to let my creativity out of the box. Playing music with my father is also a way to spend quality time with him.

What are you currently working on?


I'm currently working on several songs in celebration of Valentine's Day and of spring, and am also busy putting earlier melodies into music notation.

Has your work shifted in response to the pandemic? How?

Although the pandemic has further depressed and isolated me, I make time to play and write music every day in the hope that when this pandemic is finally over, I can again play music with friends.


In your opinion, what role does the creative process play in helping us confront our “new” reality?


The creative process is a process, rather than a product.  It's a way of being vibrant and growing in the present moment.  When I play music, I can travel both forward and backward in time and visit far places.  Making music lightens the sadness that surrounds us all.  I find hope in music.

Anything else you'd like to add?


Fully funding music and art education for our children is extremely important to me.

See more of Lucy's work here

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